Newborn tips

Newborn Session Tips

Okay, so you’re having a baby…woohoo! You spend 9 months waiting, planning, decorating & dreaming about the life that’s cooking inside you. Hopefully, one of those dreams is to have some amazing newborn portraits taken of your little bambino.
But I’m only 5 months along…isn’t too early to schedule my session? NO! Actually, I would prefer if you would call me immediately after you see two blue lines, but that might be a bit extreme. Most expecting moms get penciled into the schedule about 2 to 3 months before their baby is due.
Allright, I’ve booked my session with you…now what? Well, first of all, if this is your first baby, run to the nearest movie theater, and see every movie out there, because you won’t get another chance for awhile!

After you’ve had the baby*, shoot me a quick email to let me know, and I will get you on the schedule.

*Please NOTE: A newborn session needs to be photographed within the first 2 weeks of babies life. Ideally, between days 4 and 8. Babies who are under 2 weeks sleep soundly, curl easily, and have clear skin. After that 2 weeks, it can be a much more challenging session (for everyone!)…babies start to uncurl, they get ‘baby acne’, and they are not quite as sleepy…

Here are some tips for the day of the session:
* Dress baby in loose clothing (no onsie) that is easy to slip off…also, try and keep his/her diaper on loose-to avoid red diaper lines

* Feel free to bring any blankets/props that you think we could use…the majority of the blankets/hats on my website are things I already have-so don’t worry about buying anything! However, if you like shopping for that kind of thing, and want to bring something of your own, I suggest ‘’, that’s where I get all of my newborn hats!

* Attempt to give baby a few ‘awake times’ during the morning…a little bath time always helps!

* Make sure baby has a full tummy right before you leave…if you bottle feed, please don’t forget a bottle!!!

* Bring a pacifier, even if baby doesn’t typically take one

* Extra outfits for you and hubbie (you can keep them in the car, just in case there’s a pee/poop incident).

* Baby will be naked for most of the pics…but don’t forget extra diapers and wipes!

* During the session, I often like to have someone other than the mom be my ‘main helper’(like daddy!)….babies can smell mom’s milk a mile away, which can sometimes make them twitchy!

*Just a friendly reminder (especially to the dads out there), the studio will be HOT, please dress accordingly…pretend you’re in Mexico for a few hours:)

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